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15 Irresistible Chocolate Cake Recipes

There is nothing more comforting then chocolate cake. Cake is always great no matter the flavor; dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. I love them all!

There is nothing better then enjoying a piece of cake in the Fall and Winter as you cozy up to a warm fire to watch a movie or read a good book. And don't forget that summer time parties always call for chocolate cake especially when there is a birthday to celebtrate.  No matter what the occasion, Chocolate cake makes it better. Enjoy!

Chocolate Cakes recipes

I have rounded up 15 chocolate cake recipes for you to try. You will have no problem finding a recipe for any kind of get together, a birthday party, or just indulging in one for yourself.

15 Irresistible Chocolate Cake Recipes

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes from Dinner At The Zoo are stuffed with Chocmeister milk chocolately hazelnut spread and are also topped off with a chocolate hazelnut frosting.

2. Mocha Chocolate Cake from Liv For Cake is a RICH dark chocolate cake with silky Mocha Swiss Meringue buttercream, topped with a dreamy chocolate ganache.

3. Almost Tiramisu Double Espresso Chocolate Layer Cake from The Culinary Jumble made her very own almost tiramisu inspired chocolate layer cake. It has mascarpone, heavily sprinkled cocoa, and a coffee soaked cake.

4. 1930’s Einkorn Chocolate Cake - from A Modern Homestead originates from the Great Depression and is egg and milk free. It’s incredibly moist and unbelievably chocolaty!

5. Chocolate Coconut Cake from Dinner At The Zoo is topped with a creamy coconut marshmallow sauce and finished off with a layer of chocolate frosting. This cake is the perfect all-occasion treat!

6. Chocolate Chia Cake from One Clever Chef is healthy and decadent versatile dessert that is also paleo, gluten-free, eggless and flourless. It is the perfect guilt-free dessert or snack.

7. Buckeye Cake from Joyfully Thriving has a brownie like cake on the bottom with a peanut butter fudge layer that is topped by a rich chocolate ganache.

8. Molten Lava Mug Cake from The Monday Box is rich and creamy melted chocolate nestled in an individual chocolate cake that bakes in one minute in the microwave.

9. Oreo Cookies Chocolate Trifle from Dancing Through The rain has Oreo cookies, Cool Whip and pudding layered to perfection for a delicious dessert.

10. Ultimate Chocolate Cake from Preppy Kitchen is a luscious moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream that makes it simply the best chocolate cake you'll ever eat.

11. Red Wine Chocolate Raspberry cake from Happy Foods Tube is a Chocolate cake with red wine, raspberry mascarpone filling and chocolate buttercream.

12. Chocolate Strawberry Cake from Preppy Kitchen has lots of fresh strawberries on top of the mascarpone buttercream and topped with a rich chocolate ganache.

13. Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake from What The Fork Food Blog is a silky chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate ganache, and crunchy chocolate hazelnut truffles.

14. Smores Chocolate Fudge Cake from Kenarry has graham cracker, toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate bars. Makes a melt-in-your-mouth S’mores Chocolate Fudge Cake!

15. Vegan Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Healthy Helper Blog has a rich chocolate and cinnamon flavor in the softest, most moist coffee cake that is Vegan, gluten-free, and sweetened with caramel-like dates.

These all sound so tempting! Which one will you try first? I may have to start at the top and work my way down the list one chocolate cake at a time.

Chocolate cake recipe

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